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Cast: Sooraj, Shivani, Anil, Avinash, Sudharani, Chitra Shenoy, Nagaraj
Direction: Vishalraj

Production: N.L.Giridhar, K.S.Shivashanker
Music: James J Sakleshpur

For the last fourteen months the Kannada film industry has been witnessing a phenomenal increase in the production of films. Many films are being churned out which do not have a
solid foundation of a good story or good technical values.

Shivaani suffers mainly because of a pathetic script and a weak narration, both of which have become the hall marks of the so called youth oriented films.

Shivaani is supposed to be a youthful love story where the hero knows he is in love, but does not want to reveal his feelings to the lover. Viji and Shivaani stay in the same colony and are thick friends. He suffers in frustration while his lady love is unsure of the nature of her own love. Meanwhile Viji’s elder brother Dharma who has a questionable past but has a heart of gold is crossing swords with another cruel Underworld Don in the city.
There are many twists and turns propping up here and there. And there are some bizarre incidents which looks totally unreal and unconvincing.

The film drags on with a convulted narration and its clear by the first thirty minutes of the film that Director Vishal Raj has made a mess of his responsibility. He has prepared a hotchpotch script containing sequences which have
already been seen in many films. And except for the
cinemetographer, it looks as if no other technician has taken his work seriously.

The only saving grace of the film is the comedy sequences of Komal and an item song that comes half way which may
provide a little relief to the front benchers.

Director Vishaal Raj has failed to draw decent performances from the artistes. The two fresh faces Sooraj and Shivaani have not been able to make any impact.

Avinash and Dharma look dignified in their roles.

Music is the weak point of the film.

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