Sudeep injured in explosion on sets

MYSORE: Kannada actor ‘Kiccha’ Sudeep was injured while filming the climax of the movie ‘Kempegowda’, when an artificial bomb planted inside a pot exploded accidentally, near Thailur, Maddur taluk, on Thursday.

Sudeep sustained minor injuries on his right leg and back. According to eye witnesses, the incident occurred at around 4.30 am when a sequence involving an exchange of fire was being filmed.

Actor Yathiraj, who was present at the spot, told Express that Sudeep sustained burn injuries on his right leg and back. He was administered first aid immediately and shooting was cancelled. Film producer Shankaregowda and other artistes were present at that time.

Sudeep who is multitasking with the roles of an actor and director in ‘Kempegowda’, expressed confidence that filming would resume after two or three days.

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