Sumana on new path!

Young and vibrant director of ‘Slum Bala’ and ‘Kallara Santhe’ has given a novel thought to give narration of her next two scripts to the Censor Board members and then start shooting according their suggestions.
The recent censor battle faced by Agni Sridhar, debutant director for ‘Thamassu’ has made Sumana Kitthur to think in this direction. Sumana is a part of the technical team of the Megha Movies that produced ‘Aa Dinagalu, Slum Bala, Kallara Santhe and Thamassu’.

Sumana Kitthur explained her new thinking to give narration to the censor board and then start shooting. “There is no uniform policy throughout India as for as the Censor guidelines are concerned. The rule applicable in Karnataka is entirely different compared to other states. In order to get censor scissor problems after the film is made prior to it, I am seeking appointment of Regional Censor Board to give narration of my two scripts”, says Sumana Kitthur.

”In November the two scripts will be finalized and the first thing I am going to do is to sit with the censor board”, added Sumana Kitthur.

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