Trainer Turns Hero!

Once upon a time trainer for icon Dr Rajakumar this Appu Venkatesh doing some paltry roles and second hero in ‘Premigaagi Naa’ is a full fledged hero in ‘One Day’. The film is shown happening between morning 7 am and evening 6 pm.

Appu Venkatesh learning Karate at the age of 12 then starting his own institute in physical training is a highly regarded personality has worked hard in bringing up six pack abs for him. He controlled food and made his body look steel so that it suits the film ‘One Day’. On an average 3000 ‘up and down’ exercise he has done for last one and half years. He has two stunts and no romance in the film that has only one song. Although his father plays the villain of a different capacity in this film he has no contact with him.

For me the godfather is media says Appu Venkatesh who is introducing his father Revanna to his film as villain. Revanna a veteran stage actor in HAL Lalitha Kala Sangha is a stalwart in mythological, social, historical, folk dramas.

Revanna has performed hundreds of characters on stage in the 50 years of professional career. He is 60 plus today. He plays villain frustrated. The society looks at poor people in a bad way and this is what irritates me in the film says Revanna.

This film story happens in ‘One Day’ has shades of floods disrupting life in North Karnataka says young director Naveen. Anything can happen in one day in this world. How the transformed villain changes his ideologies in the film is the crux of the film says Naveen.

Krishnaswamy who is in to architecture of buildings is producer of this film. The film has been completed in 18 days but the allotted time for director was 30 days.

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