Vijay issues clarification

CHENNAI: Vijay, who usually maintains a low profile, now finds himself in the midst of more controversies than he could have asked for.

First, there was trouble with his upcoming Kollywood release ‘Kaavalan’. Then, there are stories that he had walked out of the remake of Bollywood blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’. Finally, there were rumours that he was going to launch his own political party.

Responding to all the allegations and questions put forward by the media, Vijay first confirms that he is definitely not joining politics, at least not at the present moment because he is happy with his acting career.

Vijay’s upcoming release ‘Kaavalan’ has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. First there was a problem with the film’s overseas distributing rights and now the news is that the Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association has refused to allow the film to be released in India too. Vijay though, is hopeful that ‘Kaavalan’ will soon hit the theaters and create magic at the box office, considering that the songs are already chartbusters.

About the accusation that he had walked out of Shankar’s remake of ‘3 Idiots’, Vijay says that he still is very much a part of the film, but is facing some date problems. He is hoping that the issues would be sorted out soon.

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