Will Vijay kiss Ileana?

One of the highpoints of ‘3 Idiots’ is a romantic encounter between Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the climax, during which they would exchange a passionate kiss. Now that the film is being remade in Tamil, there is a question about retaining the scene.

“It is a long liplock scene which was well received by the audience. But it may not be retained in the Tamil version. Even if it is there, it would be shot in a way that you miss it if you blink,” sources close to the unit say.

‘3 Idiots’ is being Tamilised by Shankar as ‘Nanban’, with Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva playing the lead roles. Ileana is the heroine, while Sathyaraj plays her father. Music is scored by Harris Jayaraj.

“Nanban is getting shape fast. Shankar has made some slight changes to the script to make it appeal to the Tamil audience. There may even be a fight sequence to satisfy Vijay fans. But we are not sure about it,” sources say further.

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