3 For Friday, 2 are remakes!

Of the three films hitting the silver screen on this Friday 10th September 2010 – ‘Jothegara’ starring Ramya and Premkumar, ‘Nanjangud Nanjunda’ starring Ravishanker and Hamsini and ‘Eno Onthara’ starring Ganesh and Priyamani; two are remake films for the Ganesha and Gowri festival.

‘Jothegara’ is out from the cold storage due to several problems in the financial front for producer Ashwini Productions that gave one super hit film ‘Jogi’ and one flop film ‘Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melidhe’. The IDBI loan tied up the producers and finally all is well now.

‘Jothegara’ hype has built up because of Ramya and Premkumar presence. Sigamani a Tamil speaking director has made debut in this musical love story and Mangalorean settled in Mumbai Sujith Shetty is the music director.

The Ashwini production house was hell bent on not adding one hero introduction song was also in the controversy as Premkumar was upset. “I would not be in the publicity of the film ‘Jothegara’ anymore”, said Premkumar. He was convinced and director Prem suggested the necessity of the song made the Ashwini banner to shoot the song with Premkumar and Jennifer Kotwal in Rockline Venkatesh for three days.

In the supporting cast Lakshmi and Ashish Vidyarthi are in prominent roles in ‘Jothegara’.

The producers of Kannada cinema are taking audience to the age old subjects from ‘Nanjangud Nanjunda’ that was first made in Malayalam in the year 1989. Starring Srinivasan Vadakkunokki Yanthram’ the inferiority complex husband subject is coming here in Kannada after two decades as ‘Nanjangud Nanjunda’. The Malayalam version was copied in Tamil as ‘Dindigul Sarathy’ and released in 2008.

For ‘Nanjangud Nanjunda’ Ravishanker, Hamsini the Mallu girl plays the lead. Subash Coorg and VK Jindal are the producers. KV Ravichandra has tuned the music.

The Telugu film of Pawan Kalyan and Bhoomika Chawla ‘Kushi’ released on April 26, 2001 is coming to Kannada after nine years as ‘Eno Onthara’ (song line beginning of Ganesh film ‘Hudugata’).

Golden star Ganesh and national award winning actress Priyamani are together for the first time. M Chandrasekhar, who made ‘Bindhaas’ two years ago, is the producer of this film, directed by Mussanje Mahesh (who came out from ‘Cool….Sakkath Hot Maga of Golden star Ganesh production). No 1 music director V Harikrishna has composed the songs for ‘Eno Onthara. Srinivasamurthy, Sharan, Jai Jagdish, Satish, Tejaswini are also in the supporting cast.

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