Prakash Raj’s directorial debut completes 100 days

Just two weeks after his marriage to Pony Varma in Mumbai, actor-producer and now director Prakash Raj has another reason to rejoice.
His first directorial venture Naanu Nanna Kanasu in Kannada has completed a one-hundred-day run in Bengaluru’s multiplex and the director and his team wants to celebrate this happy occasion. He has organised a celebration with the media on the 12th of September. Mementoes will be distributed to all the artists and technicians worked for the film on that day.

Naanu Nanna Kanasu is one of those films which achieved a degree of commercial success this year making Prakash Raj one of the few directors who have opened their accounts with a bang in their first venture as a director. Thanks to the multiplexes which screened the film, Prakash Raj’s debut venture Naanu Nanna Kanasu has become a commercially viable venture. Even the satellite rights of the film has fetched good returns for Prakash Raj and his media house friends who have produced this film.

Expressing his satisfaction about the way his first film was received by the Kannada film fans, Prakash Raj classified his film as a week-end film which obtained very good collections between Friday and Sunday and average collections in the remaining four days of the week. “The pattern of collections clearly proved that the office going middle class and software crowd has liked my film and has seen it in large numbers. The film has run for fifty days in as many as seven centres and it earned copious amount in all the centres where it was screened. We reduced the number of theatres after screening it for eight weeks in major centres and now we have seen it completing one hundred days in a multiplex,” says Prakash Raj.

Prakash says that his production house Duet Movies will be making two more films this year which will not be directed by him. He gave details about one film which will be produced jointly by Duet Movies and Media House represented by B.Suresha and his wife Shylaja Nag. “I have the script of this new film in my hand. B.Suresha has written the story, screen play and dialogues of this film. He has to write dialogues for another seven sequences of the film. The entire writing process will be completed after Suresha returns from USA. I would announce the details of my second film within a week,” says Prakash Raj. However, this film’s director Dayaal Padmanabhan has already written about this film with Duet Movies in his Facebook page.

The success of his first directorial venture has not only gladdened him, but has egged him to take up direction in future also. But he says that he will only direct films that will inspire him. “I am still thinking about my second directorial venture. I have not yet decided about whether to do a film with original story or a remake. I don’t differentiate between films with original stories or remakes, as any content has to energise me to make a good film. I am sure I will recreate any film with my own inputs whether it is a film with original story or a remake. I am now working overtime to finish my work in four Tamil films which are on floors now and will be busy producing two more Kannada films. I can only take up a new venture for my direction some time next year,” says Prakash Raj.

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