Angry Birds Star Wars II coming on this September


Rovio Mobile has announced yet another installments of the physics based game – Angry Birds. The new game, named as Angry Birds Star Wars II, is set to arrive on popular mobile platforms on September 19. Last year, the company had announced a unique take of Angry Birds with the popular science fantasy franchise – Star Wars.
Rovio’s physics based Angry Birds game involves hurling the angry birds across using a catapult in order to destroy the other characters in the screen. In the Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio had taken the environments of the planets mentioned in the Star Wars to create respective levels.


With the Angry Birds Star Wars II, Rovio takes a step ahead to introduce 30 playable characters from Star Wars franchise. There will be several characters however the company is being suspicious about a character – Jar Jar Binks. The game is expected to tackle the Star Wars prequel movies.


Rovio has also tied up with Hasbro to sell the 30 different TELEPODs with Star Wars Characters. Users can mount the Characters on the Telepods and simply place on the device camera to launch that respective character in the game.
Also, the users can even choose the Pork Side (Dark Side) since the dark Emperor is rumored of recruiting troops. Rovio expects to make the game related merchandise available from September 19 onwards.


The mobile platforms and the price of the game not yet clarified by Ravio.


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