Cheluvina Chittara


Cast: Ganesh, Amoolya
Direction: S.Narayan
Music: Mano Murthy, Joshuva Sridhar



Cheluvina Chittaara which carries along some of the big names in the industry in its star and technical cast is a well made film that will certainly appeal the family audience and the younger generation.

Cheluvina Chiththaara is produced and directed by S. Narayan has given many major hits in the Kannada film industry like Chandra Chakori, Sooryavamsha, Shabdhavedi, Sevanthi Sevanthi, Simhadriya Simha and Chaitrada Premanjali, Cheluvina Chiththaara is one another film which is bound to elevate his status as a writer and director.

Narayan has followed his regular pattern of film making in Cheluvina Chiththaara. He is very strong in the narration of sentimental sequences even in this film. And as a writer he gets full marks. The meaningful lyrics are the plus point of the film.

Music has always been an important component and a major highlight of Narayan’s films The music of the film composed by Mano Murthy (music director of Mungaru Male) is really appealing. One song tune has been lifted from the original Tamil film `Kaadal’ which may well be the big hit. The song gets a good response in the theatre.

Veteran Editor Soundar Rajan has once again excelled in this film, while cinematographer Renu for whom it is the first film has shown that he is a worthy student of Veteran P.K.H.img480/7/chelu2306072he3.jpg Doss.

Ganesh has proved that he can go well with sentimental subjects also. His performance in the touching sequences of the film will strike a chord among his fans. The film introduces a new heroine Amoolya who was a successful child star till recently. Amoolya has proved that she will go places in the Kannada film industry in the future. Dhandapani and Lingenahalli Suresh Chandra have given creditable performances in the film.

Cheluvina Chiththaara is certainly a good and entertaining film for mass and class audience.

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