Namitha turns yoga guru

BANGALORE: Here is good news for those cine buffs who crave for glamour. Namitha, who electrified the silver screen with her features in the film Hoo, is set to appear in a new avatar as a yoga teacher.
Difficult to believe? If so, wait for a few more days. Namitha is playing the role of yoga teacher in Namitha I Love You, directed by Jayasimha Reddy from Hyderabad.

Reddy says that he was very happy with Namitha’s discipline, punctuality and cooperation. “The shooting of Namitha I Love You has been in progress for the last 25 days. I never felt uncomfortable with the actress. She is very nice and cooperative,” says Reddy.

According to Reddy, the script of Namitha I Love You is about a yoga teacher, who declares war on the drug mafia. Bank Janardhan, Tennis Krishna, Dingri Nagaraj, Prithvi are the other members of the cast. The director has also composed music, prepared script and written dialogues. “It is my first film in Kannada. Earlier, I had directed the Telugu film Dhairyam that was released on December 25, 2007. It was screened successfully for a month,” says the director.

When asked what made Namitha to act in this film that has no potential to showcase her features, Namitha says: “I agree that there is no scope for glamour in this film. I am fed up acting in glamour-oriented films that focus on hot and spicy scenes. I agreed to act in this film because of its script. It has a message for the society.”

Namitha not only teaches yoga but also fights against goondas in this film. “I am confident that the audience will accept the film. It has all the ingredients to cater to the audience,” says the director.

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