Reema sen birthday girl

Today is Reemma’s birthday. And the actress is hosting a grand party at her Lokhandwala penthouse tonight, in which 50 of her ‘best friends’ will have a bash.

“This birthday is so special to me as I have been winning accolades from various quarters for my performance in Priyadarshan-directed Aakrosh in Hindi”, says the actress, who entered Kollywood with Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ‘Minnale’.

According to sources, arrangements for Reemma’s birthday party are being made by the actress’s teen-age sister Deisha. “She is leaving no stone unturned to make the bash a memorable event”, sources add.

It is expected that prominent faces from Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood will turn up for the party. “Reemma has won friends from all film industries and this is reflected in her birthday party every year”, sources maintain.

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